msn HAIR – Margaret Nabbach’s

In 1981 Margaret Nabbach started her illustrious career in Constantina’s, a salon in Cardiff who at the time were World Hairdressing Champions. Margaret undoubtedly picked up on that winning formula and 25 years later she’s running her own, award winning salon. Margaret started her career as a make up artist and after qualifying she completed a course at the BBC hoping to work behind the scenes on film and television sets. However Margaret always felt that she had a passion for hairdressing so she made a decision to combine the two professions and has never looked back.

(image on the right: Goldwell Colour Zoom 2012 Winners! The Goldwell UK team kicked off the celebrations with a glamorous cocktail reception in the Sky Lounge bar, overlooking the Tower of London and London Bridge, at the DoubleTree by Hilton to welcome their guests to London.)

The msn HAIR - Margaret Nabbach - 291 - Northfield Av. Ealing, W5 4XB, UK

Opening her first salon in 1991, Margaret hoped that the salon would provide a platform from where she could express her artistry and creative innovations. Margaret specialises in Colour, Cutting , Long hair and Make up. As a professional make up artist Margaret has the ability to provide her clients with the “complete package;” a new hair style and makeover to match. Margaret has styled hair and been the make up artist for photo shoots, seminars, hair shows, and magazines, to add to her glowing repertoire she has worked with celebrities such as Nell McAndrew. Already having numerous awards and being finalists in the British Hair Awards, in 4 different categories Margaret would like to be renowned as one of Britain’s finest female hairdressers’.

(Image above: The brand new msn HAIR Salon – 291 – Northfield Av. Ealing, W5 4XB, UK)